Ludic Chase

Gunnar toys with danger as he makes his way home from work and encounters the spirit, Oyami.
This is Ludic Chase, an animation we made in 2012 (but started planning and developing in 2010!), concerned with the nature of play and inspired by camping trips. We worked with the track, "Hedgehog Procession (at Dawn)" by the wonderful rec.tangle (Adrian Rhodes).
We are very happy to finally make it available for public viewing! If you have never seen it please take a look! Although it focuses on Gunnar and Oyami, there are a number of tiny appearances from past characters at the beginning.
There is more information, including production and inspiration videos over on the Ludic Chase page!
2010年から制作がはじまり、2012年に完成したアニメーション「Ludic Chase」、立春にあわせてvimeoにて公開しました!音楽はRec.tangle(アドリアン・ローズ)の"Hedgehog Procession (at Dawn)"。この曲を聴きながら二人でキャンプをしていて、自然と遊ぶということはなんなんだろうと話し合った事からスタートしています。

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