Kira Kira: Feathermagnetik

KiraKira: Feathermagnetik


We unfortunately just missed Kira Kira coming into Japan as we took off to return to leafy green Western Mass.  (she's playing some shows!), but we did manage to get a copy of her new album from AfterHours before we left!
The album, titled, Feathermagnetik, came out on 5/16 in Japan on AfterHours, and will be out on 6/1 on morr music (6/3 in the US).
The cover features a photo by Elín Hansdóttir and the hand-drawn type on the back and inside (and on the poster for her shows in Japan) is by us!
We really went nuts and worked hard with Kira Kira to find just the right style, to capture the essence of the music and the photo on the cover. It is not the elaborate illustrations we did for her last album, but we are nonetheless very glad to work with her again on this project!

The music is lovely, of course, and you can hear for yourself on both label's sites!

Kira Kiraの、とうとう出たニューアルバム"Feathermagnetik(フェザーマグネティック)"のCDの外面&内面の手描き文字たちを制作しました。 CDの表面に使われている写真は、写真家Elín Hansdóttirによるものです。



そしてmorr musicより出るバージョンは、アメリカを除く各国では6/1に、そしてアメリカでは6/3に発売予定です。


KiraKira: Feathermagnetik

KiraKira: Feathermagnetik

KiraKira: Feathermagnetik

KiraKira: Feathermagnetik

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