NYC Tabi 11/1~11/6

We just spent the last week in NYC!  And while we usually visit multiple times a year, this visit was similar to our trip to LA the other week: informative.  Mostly we were down for the Pictoplasma event that took place over the weekend but we also met up with many friends and got to see some really great exhibitions.

For this particular Pictoplasma we had no involvement, other than audience participation.  But Bryum & Kapok and BLESS have both screened at past festivals in Berlin and we had never met Lars and Peter, the creators of the event, in person before so we thought this a perfect opportunity.
Plus, a video by our friend, Jordan Kim, was screening, and he was attending, so we wanted to say hi.
PLUS, some illustrations of ours will be in an exhibition next month as part of a Pictoplasma group show in Paris at La Gaîté Lyrique.  But more on that later!


まずは、いままで「Bryum & Kapok」「BLESS」の映像2作品で参加したベルリンのピクトプラズマ主催のイベントPictoplasmaNYC。ベルリンからこのために来たピクトプラズマのラースとピーター、私達の作品をドイツで紹介してくれた二人にやっと会う事ができました。来月パリの La Gaîté Lyriqueで開催されるPictoplasma Parisでの グループ展"POST DIGITAL MONSTERS"に参加するので(そうなんです!)その事について少し話しました。
そして、LAで仲良くなったJordan Kimの作品が今年の上映プログラム入りしてたので彼も忙しい中NYを訪れていて再会。

Here is a very tiny photo of Peter and Lars (on the far left, respectively), talking with two of the conference speakers, Ben and Julia.  These talks were some of the most interesting parts of the trip for us.  Some gave really good advice, some presented fresh perspectives and explained personal philosophies.  And some talks were not very good at all.  But all were extremely educational for us and we ate them up.

ピクトプラズマのピーター(一番左)とラース(左から2番目)。スピーチ直後のBen and Juliaと話しています。このラースとピーター。本当にシャープな人達で、ステージ上のクリエイター達に本当に的をえた(時にかなり厳しい)質問を参加者以上にしていて驚かされました。

Here is a photo of the presentation of Keepon by BeatBots, Marek Michalowski and Hideki Kozima.  This was easily the most interesting and meaningful presentation for us.  There were certainly more interesting designs and practical (career-wise) presentations, but the philosophy behind Keepon and the goals and achievements discussed were just amazing.
They began by discussing what robots, and in turn, characters, can achieve that humans cannot.  From this question they talked about the minimalism in character and robot design and how this stripped down form of communication can actually communicate more effectively in many situations than humans.  Their example was an incredibly moving story about a young girl with autism who bonded with one of the Keepon robots and even became able to speak as a result.

会場ではkeepon/キーポンを開発したBeatBotsのMarek Michalowskiと小嶋秀樹さんのトークもありました。とても面白い内容で、スピーチ終了後にもすこしお話しする事ができました。 お二人の”キーポンがこの世界でできる事”に対するお話が私達二人の作品の制作の仕方、世界の考え方といろいろと比べてとても参考&刺激になる時間でした。

The evening before the conference and screenings started there was tarot reading at the White Rabbit bar using the Pictoplasma PicTarot deck.  Lars did a reading for each of us and we got into some deep waters, drifting into the potentials of our futures, the reflections of characters and the faces behind the masks.
It was really one of the highlights of our trip!  Blurry photos below.

前夜祭の会場White Rabbitで「PicTarot」を使ったタロットリーディングのイベントがあって、私達もラースにリーディングしてもらいました。

And of course we visited a bunch of museums and galleries!  This here is the Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indian.  We sort of stumbled on it after we visited the Occupy Wall Street efforts, but it is highly recommended!  Lot's of great masks and objects and patterns!  (Plus it's free)


Occupy Wall Street endeavors look to be going quite strong!  There was some nice free screen printing going on and a lot of people showing support or general curiosity.

Occupy Wall Streetの本拠地、ズコッティ公園を見学してきました。向かいのビルから。


And then we also checked out the New Museum with our old friend CJ (makes awesome type and design as Copter Design) and some of his pals.  Right now is a show by Carsten Höller called Experience.  The exhibition is focused on experience and almost all of the installations are somehow physically involved.  Even the occular-based installations, like birds in a cage-mobile or neon-colored animal statues under ever changing florescent lights could be yet affected by signing a waiver in the lobby and picking up a set of goggles that turn everything upside down.  Of course, the highlight of this exhibition (for me, anyway) was the giant slide that began on the fourth floor and ended on the second.

また別の日、ニューミュージアムで開催されていて2階ぶち抜きの滑り台で話題のCarsten Höller: Experience。入場無料になる木曜の夜に友人のCJ(Copter Design)行ってみました。

And we also attended this: Maurizio Cattelan's All show at the Guggenheim.  All of his work suspended from the ceiling, allowing visitors to view everything from all angles and be generally overwhelmed and in awe.  Our old old friend (from highschool!) Joe (a fine fine artist) took us on the special opening night.
グッゲンハイム美術館で4日からスタートしたばかりのマウリツィオ・カテランの回顧展「Maurizio Cattelan: All」。今までの作品全部宙づりでした。

We saw a number of other exhibitions (Alison Shulnik's, show at the ZeiherSmith gallery was particularly moving and inspirational!) but really it was about the awesome Pictoplasma event.  Hopefully we'll screen at the Berlin festival again in the future and maybe even do a talk some time?  We have philosophies and ideas too!
And more on the Paris exhibition shortly!

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