Nook Notes: Entry 05

We are deep in the middle of the animation these days resulting in very little activity here on the blog and anywhere else in our lives.  Whenever we do take a break, however, we like to get into some serious horseplay.
Today we come with our fifth Nook Notes entry and our third video in the series describing just that: some of the nonsense we enjoy.  Mostly it is us playing with paper cutout stick puppets.
We made some paper cutout puppets of Gunnar and Oyami and use them in the video to briefly describe some of their relationship.
Mixed in is some footage of another pastime we enjoy this time of year: snowshoeing.  Specifically, in this instance, a recent hike we made at Barton's Cove with our family.
Considering the nature of both parts of the video and the season we have titled this entry, "Winter Games".

The music once again is Rec.Tangle, more from the set of sketches he created for us.



というわけで、今回のNOOK NOTES#5 ”WInter Games ”は前回に続き映像もの。

間に入っているのは、雪の積もったBarton's Coveにスノーシューを履いて遊びに行ったときの映像です。以前のBarton's Coveの映像と全然違いますね!(ちなみに、今はもっと雪が積もっています)


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