Storytellers Reflections

A couple days have passed since our Storytellers at STONE. Our exhibition has also finished and we are busy preparing for the future until our time in Japan is up, mostly trying to figure out how to fit all of these meetings in before we leave.
Though only a week the exhibition at STONE proved to be the most successful yet, especially in terms of traffic. As the Kichijoji location is a ways from where we have been staying we originally only planned on visiting the gallery a few times during the week, but the first day of the show so many people came we realized we needed to be there every day.
The exhibition finished with Storytellers on Sunday which also turned out to be the most successful so far, with a full house, a wonderful lineup of musicians and an incredible Storytellers performance made possible by the collaboration of Toyama Takeo.
Toyama wrote new pieces or altered existing pieces specifically for each part of the story we had written, drawing the audience into the Storytellers world more than ever before.
There were no worries the performances would be anything less than amazing, but when we started the evening, opening the doors and once again inviting audience members to make masks with us, some folks were concerned people wouldn't be drawn into the mood of the evening. But by the time Toyama's set finished and he played Aya onto the stage the whole of Kichimu was enveloped in the Storytellers world.
It was truly a magical night.
We are extremely grateful to Toyama Takeo, Cotoribijutsukan, Sheeprint, Shinsan, all folks connected with Kichimu and everyone who came out for the event. We look forward to our next exhibition at STONE and the next opportunity to perform Storytellers or the next level of this kind performance with Toyama.

12日のStorytellers in キチムの夢のような夜からもう数日たってしまいました…そしてSTONEでの個展「Moon Hare」も展示期間を終え、これで今回の日本滞在中の全てのイベント&展示が(一応)終了です〜!




この展示の最終日、12日の夜に開催されたイベント”Storytellers”は魔法がかかったような時間でした。共演の小鳥美術館さん(名古屋から来てくださいました)とOneiric Caravanを一緒に回ってきたSheeprintさん、そして今回一緒にStorytellersをやってくださったトウヤマタケオさん!





(Photo by Picorin)

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