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We're now on our old home turf in Kichijoji, continuing our MoonHare exhibition at the gallery Stone! We wrapped up the Vacant show yesterday and hauled it all East where we'll be for the week finishing up on Sunday (9/12) with our Storytellers event featuring Toyama Takeo.

Before moving to Western Mass we lived in Kichijoji for a little over a year. It's not much time but we had just started Overture and it was our first place together and anyway we feel the most at home here together. It would be a dream to live here again some day!

The gallery is part of a group of stores in the building Kichimu, run by Harada Ikuko,of the band Clammbon, and her sister, Nana. They have selected a number very interesting shops for the building including a spot selling vintage American toys and a small bookstore, Tom's Box, selling a really nice selection of childrens books and art publications.

Stone itself is a wonderful little space fitting our MoonHare and Dreamers illustrations perfectly with just enough room for projecting our animations and displaying the illustration/collage we created during the FOUNDLAND event.

本日から、吉祥寺キチム内STONEギャラリーに会場を移して個展「MoonHare exhibition」がスタートしました!



吉祥寺会場では、MoonHareやDreamersの肖像画、アニメーションの上映、9/4のVACANTでのイベント「FOUNDLAND 」でライブドローイング制作をした作品など展示しています。グッズもこちらにも置いています!


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