Friday Night, Brattleboro

The opening on Friday went really well! A lot of people showed up for the benefit show where Kurt & Chris Weisman and Ruth Garbus played their lovely music and even our good friend Ryan Storm joined in on his drum (although we missed that part!).
Nick Sarfaty-Jackson also seemed to do quite well that evening selling his earrings.

Below are some photos from the show...well, from the hanging Thursday night, so you get a sense of the space and the work but none of the people and music and earrings (between the pizza, talking, tea and music we forgot to take any pictures!).

1/8(金)、ブラトルボロでのギャラリーウォークの日&私たちの展示オープニングでした。当日の夜は、地元のミュージシャンKurt & Chris Weismanと、Ruth Garbusのライブも開催されてたのでストリートの外れにも関わらずたくさんの人が訪れて大盛況でした。




Elliot St. Cafe

Elliot St. Cafe

Elliot St. Cafe

Elliot St. Cafe

The work this time is a small selection from the past two years with some pieces (the coffee stained zodiac watercolors) from previous shows and others old to us but new to the local public.


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