Three years in the making, the Azul (Usui Hiroyuki) and Six Organs of Admittance (Ben Chasny) split LP is finally coming out. The release date is set for August 5th on PSF Records. There will be 700 copies available (although we will have quite a few aside from that that we may sell at screenings of our animation or other events).
The cover artwork we did in August of 2006 (spruced up a bit earlier this year), the artwork on the back and on the vinyl stickers we created last year. There are also secret liner notes that give explanation to the cover, and while they do not come with the purchase of the record, we may make prints available at a later date. They were created earlier this year.
We will write on this again as we get closer to the release date.

Overtureがアートワークを手がけた、AZUL(臼井弘行)と Six Organs of Admittance (Ben Chasny) のスプリット・アルバムが、8月5日にPSF Records(東京)より発売になりますー!



Also trying to get caught up with stuff we've actually physically been doing, last Sunday we had a fantastic Memorial Day party with some family and some friends. A homemade bubble wrap slip'n'slide, lots of vegetables and lots of fruit-based desserts: peach cobbler, rhubarb sauce, strawberries, watermelon, fresh whipped cream and of course, face cookies.
We also had a whole lot of beer ~ BBC River Ale, Raspberry Barleywine style Ale, Steel Rail, Magic Hat Number 9 and Blue Moon.


大人4人がかりでbubble wrap(包装のプチプチ)を使った手作りの滑り台を作って(写真上)滑りまくったり、たくさんの野菜とたくさんの果物や手作りのお菓子〜peach cobbler(桃の定番デザート)、ルバーブソース、苺、スイカ、新鮮なホイップクリームと、顔クッキーなど食べたり…。
地元のビールもたくさん飲みました。~ BBC River Ale, Raspberry Barleywine style Ale, Steel Rail, Magic Hat Number 9 そして Blue Moon。どれも美味しかった!

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