Bryum & Kapok: A Lilt

Bryum & Kapok: A Lilt premieres today on Pitchfork.tv! The third and final piece to the animation triptych we have been making over the past year for Hauschka is finally out in the wild and after spending so much time with these characters it is a little sad to let them go...
...Not entirely of course, though. Bryum and Kapok have become deeply rooted characters in our hearts and will surely be coming and going in the years to come. And there is yet much to do with the Bryum & Kapok triptych itself as well. Many, many things. Many, many dreams.
Update: It seems the Pitchfork site has gotten a makeover - if you want to view the first two parts now please click the following links below:
Part 1: A Memory
Part 2: An Idea

In this final installment, Bryum decides to investigate the cause of the ectoplasmic smoke that he witnessed at the end of An Idea, retracing his steps to where he left Kapok. Though at first this second encounter threatens to be as awkward as the first, Kapok gets right into smoothing over the moment with some music and Bryum picks up right after him thus solidifying their friendship forever.
From there the fruits and potential of friendships and collaborations spill forth and birth new ideas and new friends and neverending possibilities.

Byum & Kapokシリーズの最終作である「Bryum & Kapok: A Lilt」が前回前々回同様、アメリカの音楽情報サイトPitchfork.tvにてプレミア公開されました!


追加情報: Pitchforkサイトのリニューアルにより、前回置いてあったアドレスでは見られなくなっている模様です。1・2作目が見たい方は下のリンクよりご覧下さい。
1作目: A Memory
2作目: An Idea


前作"An Idea"の最後でひとり残されたKapok(カポック)は、自作の楽器で探り探り演奏を始め、楽器からでてくるエクトプラズム的な音の煙が"A Memory"の時のように森の中をゆっくりと流れていきます。

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