☆Poketo First Editions Print Show ☆ March 22, 2008

We will be joining the group show at POKETO's new studio and gallery in L.A.!!

POKETO TO OPEN NEW STUDIO WITH “FIRST EDITIONS” PRINT SHOW Saturday, March 22nd, 2008, 6-10 PM POKETO STUDIO 510 S Hewitt Street Unit 506
(we will post a photo of our print soon!)

ロスのアートブランド、Poketoの新スタジオ兼ギャラリーで行われるグループ展"Poketo First Editions Print Show"に参加します。

Andrew Jeffrey Wrightや、Chris Pewなど、Poketoと付き合いの長いアーティストを中心に、いろんな国から25組のアーティストが参加。原画の展示と、会場でのプリント販売もあります。
Overtureは新作イラストレーションを一点出品します。 "Overture Japan tour 2008"で日本を旅してた途中に、描きながらスキャナーを探して放浪したなかなか思い出深い作品です。

Presenting work by: Andrew Jeffrey Wright Anne Cibola Ashkahn Chris Bettig Chris Pew DGPH Irana Douer Kate Bingaman-Burt Keith Shore Leah Chun Leif Parsons Lisa Congdon The Little Friends of Printmaking Nathalie Roland OGI Omar Lee Overture(yeee☆) Pcp Peskimo Pietari Posti Rama Hughes Sarah Utter Susie Ghahremani Tim Gough Tom Vadakan Los Angeles, CA 90013


Anonymous said...

i wish i could visit this exhibition,aya-nee san!

i love to go to see all of your works, dear everyone who will participate in this event!! hope to see you there.

from japan, tica

jason said...

we wish you could too!
we wish we could too!
unfortunately we will be holed up in our hideout on the east coast, working.

thanks for the comment, tica!

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